Harry B. and Timmy T.'s Beary Magical Christmas

Harry B. and Timmy T.'s Beary Magical Christmas Harry B. and Timmy T.'s Beary Magical Christmas
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ISBN 978-1500891138 ISBN 1500891134
Pages: 26
Illustrated/Full color

Do Stuffed Bears Have Feelings?
Magic happens. Sometimes it happens in the most unusual places. We just have to look to see it. We just have to believe it exists. Life is full of the unexpected. It is what makes life interesting, surprising, and fun.

A charming new children's book, Harry B. and Timmy T.'s Beary Magical Christmas, shares several wonderful lessons that revolve around a pair of forgotten stuffed animals. Christmas is coming, but it is proving anything but joyous for two lonely, stuffed bears. Harry B and Timmy T. are stuck on a grocery store shelf, overlooked and unwanted by holiday shoppers with little hope of a home for Christmas.Their Christmas becomes magical when a store clerk, whose mission in life is rescuing unwanted cats, sees their need and rescues them. Do stuffed bears have feelings, or even care if someone buys them? Lynch's story raises these questions, helping readers develop empathy for all creatures. Her book also offers educators and parents an opportunity to engage children with a list of discussion questions at the end of the story.

The story teaches us the value of adopting, be it an animal, a child, or even a stuffed bear, and how one person's generosity can make a difference in someone, or something's life. Author Karen A. Lynch started her self-funded cat rescue and sanctuary, Florida Cause for Paws, 25 years ago. This is her second beautifully illustrated, delightful, animal and holiday-themed book dedicated to supporting that cause. Her first is Irish Holiday Fairy Tales.

In most of the world Christmas comes by sleigh. In Harry B and Timmy T.'s world it came by pickup truck. Readers of Harry B. and Timmy T.'s Beary Magical Christmas are in for a beary big treat.
Timmy T
All profits from the sale of this book go to support the work of Florida Cause for Paws, a feline rescue and sanctuary saving lives for more than 25 years.

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