Fiction ~ Espionage
The Game Of Lies by Karen A. Lynch

"The combination of gadgetry, romance and action
          makes for a must read."
                               Caesar Civitella, - Former CIA, OSS and US Army Special Forces

"...stunningly suspenseful story.
          Alanna Reynolds is cool, fearless, savvy and determined ."
                                Elizabeth P. McIntosh - Former CIA, OSS, WWII War Correspondent
                                                                 and author of
Sisterhood of Spies

"Description, pacing, storytelling skills are much appreciated
          and the suspense... WOW!"
                               Nancy Cole - Publisher/Senior Editor,Equestrian News

"Take this bit of covert information from me:
           once you pick up The Game of Lies, you won't set it down."
                                Michael Levine - Entertainment Today