Finn Mc Cool The Magic Lerechaun Cat
Tá céad míle fáilte! A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

Finn McCool Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat, here to offer you a true Irish welcome to my new Internet home. Leprechauns are, to be sure, a type of fairy, well known throughout Erin's fair land for their shoemaking skills and for guarding the pots of gold hidden under the ends of rainbows.

Mostly we take the form of wizen little brown men dressed in red or green coats laced with gold, wearing fancy hats and buckled shoes. Since that is so, you may ask, how can it be that Finn McCool is a Magic Leprechaun Cat? The truth of the matter is that hundreds of years ago, my great, great, great grandfather, Paddy Mac Cool, (that being the old spelling of me name) realized how housecats, for the most part, were enjoying a fine time of it. Seeing as how leprechauns have the magic power to change their shape, Paddy took it into his head to change himself into a handsome ginger cat. With the luck of the Irish he found himself a right good home with, of all humans, St. Patrick, himself, as I be after telling you here.

Rascal playing Princess and the Pea Ever since then, all his descendants, including the present members of the McCool clan, are Magic Leprechaun Cats. In exchange for a good home, Magic Leprechaun Cats will bring Irish luck, joy and love to those who they decide to live with.

Magic Leprechaun Cats arrive at their new homes in many ways. For me, it was by the good grace of a mother cat named Lady Angel a very brave and loving mother.

King Tut I chose the home of Karen and Grayston Lynch because, although it was already the home a Magic Leprechaun Cat named King Tut, it was soon to be his time to return to our homeland in the ancient Hill o' Tara, in the Emerald Isle. His task was to teach me all I needed to know before he left. Though he is missed, we know he is happy and that we will be seeing him again soon enough.

I did not arrive alone, but came with three other Fairies, known as the Fairy Slipper Sisters. Their names are Amber, Angel and The Punkin. The Punkin is a bit of a mystery, but you don't have to take my word for that, you can read all about it for yourself!

Finn's Shop Our house is home to many cats. Most are there because they have no home. One of the things that I learnt from King Tut was that Karen is a Fairy Cat Mother, helping animals in need. Our home is a refuge, called Florida Cause For Paws, for cats in need. It is my job, as a Magic Leprechaun Cat, to help the cause. Some of our friends, who we share a caring home with, are pictured on this page.

I invite you to visit my Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat Shop where you may buy souvenirs of your visit. All profits from the sale of the souvenirs go to help Florida Cause For Paws care for the many homeless and helpless cats and kittens who find their way our door. I ask you to make a little magic of your own by being a friend to Florida Cause For Paws.

I hope that you will come back to visit me in me new home many times. Don't forget to be calling in at me Story Blog to read the latest Magic Leprechaun Cat tale told by me or one or another of my writer friends.

Finn's poem