I have found many interesting sites on my web travels, the best, of which, I would like to share with you. Such as...where to buy our books, resources for writers both novice and professional, helpful links for the horse enthusiast, and just plain fun links like the International Spy Museum.
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Book & Writing Links
The Game Of Lies - Where to buy The Game of Lies.
Barnes & Noble - Where to buy both books.
Amazon - Where to buy both books.
Gotham Writers' Workshop - New York Writers Group.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Of America - Science Fiction Writers Official Website.
AuthorHouse - Self publishing
Writers Store - California writers shop - good writers software.
Book Marketing - Good advice and sources from this site.
Independant Editors Group - Credible help with book editing.
Poets & Writers - Poets & writers magazine. - Where to find a market for your work.
Mystery Writers Of America - Mystery Writers Official Website.
Central Intelligence Agency - Official site of the Central Intelligence Agency.
International Spy Museum - Globally unique International Spy Museum dedicated to the history of tradecraft, culture, etc. of spying.
Imperial War Museum - Celebrates Ian Fleming and James Bond.
Romance Writers Of America - Official site Romance Writers of America.
Florida Writers - Official site for Florida's writers, poets, novelists, screenwriters, etc.
International Women's Writing Guild - A network of women writers, for personal and professional empowerment.
Writers Guild - Union for published writers - east coast.
Writers Guild - Union for published writers - west coast. - Online community of writers, covers all genres. - Online writing classes. - Writers, Editors, Agents, Publishers, Resources.
Irish Writers Online - Irish writers site.
Women Writers - Women writers site.

International Andalusian Lusitano Horse Association - Official site and registry for the Andalusian horse in America.
U.S.E.F - Official governing body of horse sports in the United States.
The Jockey Club - Official registry and governing body for the Thoroughbred horse in the U.S. - Horse magazine dedicated to equine health care, excellent source.
American Driving Society - Official site of The American Carriage Driving Society.
Kentucky Horse Park - Most comprehensive horse museum in the world.
santarinoKenneland - Famous and historical Lexington, KY racetrack.
Saratoga Racetrack - Unofficial, but helpful site for racing in Saratoga, NY.
Bloodhorse - Top US magazine for Thoroughbred horse breeding and racing.
Doma Vaquera - Andalusians excel at Doma Vaquera, great site.
Dressage Un Ltd. - Dressage site, classic to competitive.
Selwood Park Stable - See our Magnificent, World Class Andalusian and Baroque Stallions.

pic credit: Santarino by Steve Whalen