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horse galloping Home - An introduction to our site.

Authors - Bios on Grayston L. Lynch and Karen A. Lynch.

Books - Read about and buy our books.

Decision for Disaster: Betrayl at the Bay of Pigs by Grayston L. Lynch
Miami Tribune Article - Miami Herald Article - CIA's Man at the Bay of Pigs.
Endorsements - Reviews for Decision for Disaster: Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs.
Photo Gallery - Interactive Bay of Pigs photo gallery & personal dedication by Grayston Lynch.
Lobo One - Lobo One portrait, an important addition to Decision for Distaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs.
2506 Assault Brigade Main Memorial - Dedicated to all the members,including the four American airmen, who perished during the Bay of Pigs invasion.
2506 Assault Brigade Liberation Air Force Memorial - Dedicated to the pilots and crews - Cuban and American - who perished in the battle over Cuba.
Military History Magazine Article - Military History Magazine Article, Cuban Nightmare.
Eulogy - Rudy Enders - Remarks Grayston Lynch Services - August 30, 2008

The Game Of Lies by Karen A. Lynch
Tampa Tribune Article - Tampa Tribue Article - Equines and Espionage.
Author Q & A - Questions and answsers with Karen A. Lynch.
Excerpts - Excerpts from The Game Of Lies.
Endorsements - Reviews for The Game Of Lies.

On Writing - Conversations, Observations and Lessons Learned on the Art of Writing.
Installment #1 - So you want to be a Published Author.
Installment #2 - Off to a Good Start.
Installment #3 - Honesty is the best policy, that's especially true for the written word!

In The Works - Exciting reading just a release date away.

Horses - A visit to the horsey side of War of Wits Publishing, Ltd.
Dragonwyck Stud's Thoroughbred Gallery - Some of my favorite pictures from my Kentucky Thoroughbred farm, Dragonwyck Stud, and of life in the international Thoroughbred business.
Wicklow Stud Andalusians - A glimpse at our beautiful Andalusian horses at Wicklow Stud.
Wicklow Stud Andalusians Sold - Where you can see the horses we have sold and meet their lucky new owners.

Finn McCool The Magic Lerechaun Cat
Finn McCool - Meet Finn McCool, learn how Magic Leprechaum Cats came to be, how Finn came to live with his human family, and how as Spokescat for Fairy Cat Mother, Karen's, cat rescue, Florida Cause forr Paws, he hopes to help other kitties find good homes.
Finn's Book - Transport yourself to the world of Magic Leprechaun Cats by purchasing a copy of Irish Holiday Fairy Tales, Volume 1. Read Finn's wonderful tales, beautifully illustrated in full color, and help support the cats and kittens cared for by Finn's favorite charity, Florida Cause for Paws. Irish Holiday Fairy Tales is the Purrfect gift, one that keeps on giving to both animals and its readers.
Finn's Shop - Add a little magic to your life and help make a homeless kitty's life better by visiting Finn McCool, The Magic Leprechaun Cat's Shop. There you will find no end of wonderful things for purchase bearing the likeness of your friend, Finn McCool. All profits from items sold in the shop go to support Florida Cause for Paws work. Thanks for caring.
Story Blog - Finn McCool, The Magic Leprechaun Cat, here to tell you, we be setting up this special page so you can locate your favorite stories.

Timmy T.'s Beary Magical Christmas
Do stuffed bears have feelings? - Read Harry B and Timmy T's Beary Magical Christmas and you will see

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Winners Archive - A place to celebrate our contest winners of the past.

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