Finn Mc Cool The Magic Lerechaun Cat

Irish Holiday Fairy Tales by Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat Irish Holiday Fairy Tales by Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat
Price: $15.00
ISBN: 978-1-6247-321-2
Pages: 41
Illustrated/Full color

Ever want to make a little magic? Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat, says you cannot only make a little magic, but you can help save homeless, helpless cats and kittens with your magic. It's easy...just purchase a copy of Irish Holiday Fairy Tales, by Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat, the purrfect gift, the gift that keeps on giving, whether for someone you love, or yourself, and the magic will begin.

The beautifully illustrated Irish Holiday Fairy Tales will delight you beyond expectations. Will transport you to a magic land, Ireland, where the Celtic heritage runs deep, ages in the making, and where the legends, folklore and history are the source of the Emerald Isle's legacy. Irish holiday Fairy Tales is a book for the young, old and every one in between, for cat lovers, history lovers, those that love all things Irish, or just those that love a great story.

Did you know Halloween started in Ireland? No! Well, see, you just learned something about Ireland's history and you haven't even opened Irish Holiday Fairy Tales, as yet. Come see what Finn McCool has in store for you. Learn how he became a magic leprechaun cat. What it is magic leprechaun cats do. Meet some of his magic leprechaun cat relatives. And see how it is that in Finn's world, "to those that do good, good will surly come."

Since 2008, Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat's, short stories have been published and read in more than 60 countries spread over six continents. Finn's stories have crossed ethnic, cultural and language barriers around the world. He has won short story awards from the international journal, "Creature Features" among others.

And as a bonus, available on this website is the bona fide "Irish Edition", printed in Cork, Ireland, making this edition extra special, a keepsake to pass down through the generations. And if that weren't enough, it comes with a discount of $4.95 off the retail $19.95 price. All profits from the sale of Irish Holiday Fairy Tales go to support the cats and kittens cared for by Florida Cause for Paws.

Cormac Mac Cool, the cheeky Magic Leprechaun Cat, says for you to buy a copy of Irish Holiday Fairy Tales and put a twinkle in a homeless, helpless cat or kitten's eye. He says to remember that, "To those that do good, good will surely come. And the luck of the Irish will be with you."

Finn McCoolFinn would like to thank all of his many fans who have helped support Florida Cause for Paws through their purchase of his stories, his book, Irish Holiday Fairy Tales and their donations. To his many new fans, who will soon come to know and love his stories, his says, "Tá céad míle fáilte! A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!"

Single copies of Irish Holiday Fairy Tales are $15.00 each plus $3.00 for postage and handling (via first class mail). Multiple copies may be purchased at a further discount. There will be an additional charge for postage. Copies sold outside the United States will also require extra postage.

Autographed copies are also available. They can be sent to the purchaser, or if bought as a gift, can be a sent directly to the recipient's address with a gift card enclosed. Please send your request for multiple copies, autographed copies with the "to whom" indicated, a special dedication, if preferred, and proper mailing address for each copy to


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