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War of Wits Publishing, Ltd has been responsible for the publishing of Decision for Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs the definitive work on the subject of the Bay of Pigs invasion, by Grayston L. Lynch, a great American patriot and hero, The Game of Lies, a fictional spy novel by Karen A. Lynch; and the John Wayne Chapter of the Army Special Forces and the Suncoast Chapter of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Suncoast Chapter's international award winning newsletters.

By promoting Decision for Disaster we hope to engender a better understanding of this watershed event in American and Cuban history, and in intelligence work and the people involved. The sequel to to The Game of Lies is in production, as are The Fish Are Running; the Untold Secret Stories of CIA Maritime Operations and The CIA's War on Cuba; Commando Mambises.

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