Decision for Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs
by Grayston L. Lynch
A startling new perspective on the 1961 U.S. invasion of Cuba, written by the only surviving American at the invasion - the man who fired the first shots.

Decision for Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs When a force of U.S. trained Cuban exiles invaded Castro's Cuba in 1961, Grayston L. Lynch was the CIA's case officer, their point man, on the command ship, Blagar. He handled every communication between Washington and the beachhead and led the first combat team ashore. Ever since he witnessed the Kennedy administrations' betrayal of the 2506 Brigade, and the inevitable cover-up that followed, it has been Lynch's destiny, his duty, to tell the story. Only now, after decades of silence and secrecy, has the day of reckoning come. Over forty years after the events of April 17, 1961, the failed invasion of Cuba continues to rouse controversy and impact American foreign policy. Based in part on recently declassified information, Decision for Disaster is the gripping account of that watershed event.

Noted historian, journalist and author of The Dark Side of (Kennedy's) Camelot, Seymour M. Hersh, says of Decision for Disaster, "Gray Lynch was there at the Bay of Pigs and was in the perfect position to write the definitive ground-level account of what went right and what went wrong. His anger toward the men at the top is the anger of a patriot who feels he was betrayed. This is not a book for those that love Camelot."

author's quoteGrayston L. Lynch is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces captain and former CIA intelligence officer. His awards include three Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star with V for valor, and the CIA's most coveted award, the Intelligence Star, for heroism at the Bay of Pigs above and beyond the call of duty.

He has been hailed by those who served with him throughout his long and distinguished career both in the military and CIA as a great American patriot and hero.

Decision for Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs ISBN1-57488-237 may be ordered in trade paperback for $15.98 from all good bookstores and on-line retailers.

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CIA Authority Karen A. Lynch Blends Fact with Fiction in the Espionage Thriller
"The Game of Lies"
The Game Of LiesThe Game of Lies, the highly anticipated second novel from Karen A. Lynch, ghostwriter of the acclaimed book Decision for Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs (author is her husband, former CIA Intelligence Officer Grayston L. Lynch), is a sharp and emphatic glance into the world of espionage and equines.

In this incredibly accurate spy thriller, heroine Alanna Reynolds mentor and friend is murdered while on this critical mission. This event is the catalyst for her return to the deadly game of international intrigue. Once a proficient member of a highly-classified and skilled paramilitary group with the CIA, Alanna finds that she is all that stands between ensuring a peaceful future for the Middle East and a terrorist group bent on causing a nuclear disaster.

Lynch creates a compelling labyrinth of intrigue and secrecy where no one is really who they say they are and nothing is truly what it seems. Characters battle on a personal and professional level to unveil the truth with a series of unexpected twist and revelations. Old scores to settle and a lost love rekindled weave a web of mystery and romance throughout this thriller. The Game of Lies proves that truth is often deadlier than the people who seek it.

Lynch draws from her husband's (Grayston L. Lynch) first hand experience as a CIA intelligence officer to make this thriller a detailed account of life in the CIA. In addition to accurate technical details, Lynch blurs the lines of fact and fiction as the plot mirrors the realities of present day with its accounts of terrorism and moles within the CIA. Fact and fiction are further blurred as heroine Alanna Reynolds operates under the cover of an international horse breeder, not unlike Lynch herself.

author's quote Author Karen A. Lynch says, "The Game of Lies is the culmination of countless interviews, conversations, research, and brainstorming sessions. Readers can be assured that The Game of Lies is one of the most authoritative modern day spy novels. So realistic, that it had to be approved by the CIA. Alanna Reynolds is a beautiful, smart and sexy heroine with whom both men and women can connect. Her fearless attitude and charming manner remind me of what a female James Bond would be like."

The Game of Lies is available from bookstores nationwide (Barnes and Noble etc.) and all good on-line retailers, in a variety of formats including Electronic Book (ISBN: 1410798836) $5.95, Paperback (6x9) (ISBN : 141079881X) $15.50 and Hardcover (6x9) (ISBN : 1410798828) $23.50.